ended Missed 5 ZNN
Description and To-Do

Sharing is caring, right?

Follow Zenon Twitter page then like and retweet the following post using the hashtags #ZNN #QSR

Zenon's post to retweet:


  • Account older than 1 year

  • Number of followers between 250 and 1,000

  • Airdrop farming accounts won't be accepted

  • Only accounts with original crypto related content are eligible

  • Accounts with fake followers will be disqualified (minimum of 95% real followers)

  • Wrong tier submissions will not be considered eligible for receiving the reward

  • Retweets must be publicly visible for at least 15 days before the submissions can be approved

Link to the retweet

The moderator might postpone your submission.
In that case, contact the moderator to clear things out.
Moderators can reject any submission if they find it suspicious.

This is not an Airdrop, this is an Awareness Campaign.

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