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Description and To-Do

Spread the love that you nurture for Zenon to others too! Let other crypto related pages with at least 30k followers know why you think Zenon is the best crypto project! And of course, as always, you’ll be rewarded!

Eligible topics/accounts:
Exchanges, Crypto Influencers, Listings, Technical Analysis

Minimum 10 posts on various topics/accounts
Make sure to add $znn to each post and to also tag @microworkz_net
Arguments must be relevant
Arguments must contain more than 10 words
Only accounts with original crypto related content are eligible
Accounts with fake followers will be disqualified (minimum of 80% real followers)

Twitter handle
.txt file with links of your posts

The moderator might postpone your submission.
In that case, contact the moderator to clear things out.

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